WWII military draftees and volunteers rejected for malnourishment

I had read that a significant number of WWII military draftees and volunteers did not pass the admission physical due to malnourishment. I have since lost the source. How/where can this be confirmed?

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Hello there 😊

I have come across this information that in January 1934 about 300,000 men were enrolled and by July 1934, this was further increase to 50,000 which includes men who lived from the midwest states who were affected by drought during that period.

At the time of the entry for Civilian Conservation Corps, about 70% of those who enrolled were malnourished and was poorly clothed.

Here is the link to it


However it was not mentioned in this article whether they were rejected because of this. 😧

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This is helpful. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer.

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Per this link <http://alternatewars.com/BBOW/Stats/US_WW2_Draft_Stats.htm>

The rejection rate, for any reason, ran between 36 and 37% of the total number of draftees and volunteers during the course of WWII.

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