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I am trying to find out about my Dad's service in WWII. I know he was Battery C, 29th Battalion, he fired a howitzer, he entered January 28, 1944 and came home in October 1946. I want to know where he was and what battles he was in. I have written the Army and requested his personnel records. Is there anything else I should do? Also, I need help identifying his medals, ribbons, and crests (which I have). Any suggestions?
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If you want to find out where he was and what battles he was in you should hire a competent researcher to find this information in the daily unit records at the national archives. Most likely, your dad's service record was destroyed in the fire. However, there are researchers who specialize in reconstructing records and they can show you when he was with certain units(which will tell you what battles he was in), what his job was and what locations he was stationed at. Here is a link to a research group that specializes in this kind of work:

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