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Who would win the battle between Allied vs. Russian aircraft during WWII? by Vale
Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk XIIs of 41 Squadron in April 1944 An Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik ground attack aircraft. Credit for this post goes to ramjb.Soviet and Western Allied aircraft did indeed fight each other during WW2. In the last days ...
What were the pros and cons of dropping the atomic bomb during WW2? by Elkabong
What were the pros and cons of the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II? Pro: Dropping the bomb ended the war a lot faster. Had operation Olympic happened later that year, the projected U.S. losses ...

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Hi everyone,We had a problem with regards to the featured posts resulting from communication problems within the ops team. As a result none were featured during the last week. The error has ...
by admin - 2 days ago
my dad was sgt major george strachan myles during ww2 any info
by Guest - 7 hours ago
I am trying to find out about my fathers service in WW11 His name was Keith Selwyn Arkinstall
by Guest - 8 hours ago
Why did Hitler kill Jews i cant find it any where, would some one really kill over 6 million people for no reason!!!:shocked: :blink: :angry: :huh:
by Girl - 8 hours ago
Yes, a very handsome man; however, he could have been of dubious character.
by Margaret McClurkin - 11 hours ago
I've actually seen that movie...I sometimes enjoy watching bad movies because they can make you laugh. That movie IS one o the worst. Kachina
by kachina - 11 hours ago
Hi, I'm also looking for a photograph of my dad, to! His name is Leonard Alloysious Rottinghaus, born March 10, 1927. Date of entry into active service October 19, 1945; date of ...
by Linda Haverkamp - 23 hours ago
Because he thought that it was the Jews fough that they lost the war
by leslie - 1 day ago
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