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Computer's, Torpedoes, and You - Hedy Lamarr and WWII by JamesHinton
Hedy Lamarr and torpedo technology are not things we ordinarily associate with one another. In spite of this, they are, in fact, interconnected. The famous actress and sex symbol had a deep interest in torpedoes, and in WWII she specifically ...
Who would win the battle between Allied vs. Russian aircraft during WWII? by Vale
Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk XIIs of 41 Squadron in April 1944 An Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik ground attack aircraft. Credit for this post goes to ramjb.Soviet and Western Allied aircraft did indeed fight each other during WW2. In the last days ...
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I had my doubts for a while until I read his book in German "Wiederstandsnest -62". Consider that his sector - Easy Red Beach" had the highest number of US casualties on Omaha piled ...
by Alex - 3 hours ago
My cousin Julius E. Rusmussen "Judy" was in Troop "A" 43rd Recon. He was killed in action on August 19th, 1944. This is from the after action report: C Troop of 43d Sq reached the ...
by Michael - 7 hours ago
I am trying yo find my late fathers service nummber so i can have him interned in the field of honour in regina. His name is george edward ellingham april 4 1916 to april 3 2010. He was a ...
by sharon ellingham - 1 day ago
More like occupation forces....note the dates. Post war west Germans did appreciate Americans and especially their money.
by Elkabong - 1 day ago
I think a new and more frightening war is going to occur, Lord I hope not, but my gut tells me we are going to see mushroom clouds over major cities and rampant radicalism is going to take ...
by Elkabong - 1 day ago
How to get my father's records, he was in World War 2 4 years , as a first Sargent. Would like to get any metal's his name. Was Cecil Louie bannister
by Cecil louie bannister - 1 day ago
You do realize that both parties need to go through a Federal Firearms licensed dealer in order to do this. Otherwise its a Federal crime shipping it and minimum 5 years in a Federal pen.
by Elkabong - 1 day ago
I'm trying to find info on my Dad, Leonard Leon Vernon from Danville , Al. He was in the Army in the vicinity of Wolfgang in Company C he was a Sargent.
by Guest - 2 days ago
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