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What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour? by pete hill
'Taylor's 2nd Kill'- Painting by Tom Freeman What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour? The Japanese attack on the US Navy's Pacific Fleet's base at Pearl Harbour, Oahu on 7th December 1941 achieved complete surprise and caused ...
Could the Allies have defeated Russia after World War II? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Joe Freeman. Soviet MiG 31 Foxhound The Russians had excellent ground attack aircraft, (Sturmovik series) and their fighters were not to be despised up to around 15,000 feet. However after that... their fighters were ...
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I would like to find a picture of my father and what year did he serve in the u.s. army ?
by Guest - 16 hours ago
How do I find out what branch of the military my father was in and what kind of discharge he had got?
by Guest - 1 day ago
This might be of help: http://www.warhistoryfans.com/trying-to-find-someones-service-records-154.html
by jade - 1 day ago
It's a LONG, LONG way to cross the huge Pacific Ocean by boat or aircraft to invade us. By the time they got here our marines and navy and army would be there to welcome them to the party.
by Jerry - 1 day ago
I am trying to find my fathers service records for his service in World War ll. His Name is Raymond L. Inslee. He was T Sgt. 1027 signal company, he was born May 21 1922. He Passed away ...
by Raymond Inslee - 2 days ago
FLDCK - Field Cook
by Dennis Bird - 2 days ago
Where did the Japanese aircraft go after the bombing at Pearl Harbour? Did any run out of fuel before getting back to their carrier?
by Guest - 2 days ago

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