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What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour? by pete hill
'Taylor's 2nd Kill'- Painting by Tom Freeman What were the Japanese losses at Pearl Harbour? The Japanese attack on the US Navy's Pacific Fleet's base at Pearl Harbour, Oahu on 7th December 1941 achieved complete surprise and caused ...
Could the Allies have defeated Russia after World War II? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Joe Freeman. Soviet MiG 31 Foxhound The Russians had excellent ground attack aircraft, (Sturmovik series) and their fighters were not to be despised up to around 15,000 feet. However after that... their fighters were ...

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Been looking for my father I was born 10-30-52 all I know he was Indian from Oklahoma stationed in N. Germany in the Army don't know his name other than Forrest they called him Duck last ...
by Guest - 13 hours ago
I don't think it was as personal as "hate". He thought some of the peoples, including Jews, Gypsies, Slavic peoples and more were not as human as the German people.
by jade - 17 hours ago
Looking for any information on my grandfather Elwood Courtney. He served in OSS during WWII and his brother Clyde was KIA when shot down over the English Channel.
by MadMac - 1 day ago
My dad Kim Earl Rush served on Submarines during WWII. I think one of them was the Grayling. How do I find these records?
by Janis Rush Garrett - 1 day ago
When I was in France last year I was traveling with others and was not able to get over to Gesnes. I hope to go there next year in time for the 100 year anniversary. Here is a photo of the ...
by 362nd Gesnes Monument - 1 day ago
This was a famous ruse where the German wore American uniforms and speak English to pose as G.I.s
by Marra M - 1 day ago
Wings have nothing to do with it. The difference was the Bars, e.g., F/O bars vs 2nd Lt bars. The Flight Officer rank in practice was not unlike that of a 2nd Lt, however at the end of ...
by Viet Vet - 2 days ago

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