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The psychological effects of war by imported_Bob
Statistics of US troops during WWII show that 40% of medical discharges during WWII were 'psychological' in nature. These medical discharges were given nice names such as "battle fatigue," "combat fatigue," "shell shock" (although 'shell shock' is ...
A few of the top International War Museums worth visiting by Elkabong
The Saumer Armor Museum in France, the military equipment displayed there actually RUNS!! The Imperial War Museum in London. As Marra mentioned in the forum, it houses some interesting pieces like V2 rocket, 1918 tank and other military ...

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Ron I can't seem to be able to get to your email address so please go to my website www. normandytothebulge .be & send me an email through there. I have your father's WW2 Unit History & ...
by Jelle Thys - 1 day ago
Uh, whats Mincraft the game got to do with military history? I suggest discussing this topic on a gaming board.
by Elkabong - 1 day ago
The man thought he had art talent but he didn't. That is why he wasn't accepted to the Austrian art school. And if he would have been an artist there could have been others who'd lead the ...
by jade - 2 days ago
I am sorry to inform you Mr. Wrathmen but you are point blank incorrect. One does have to elevate the thought and remember that right behind all those Red Army soldiers was the Soviet NKVD ...
by Alfreds Blekis - 2 days ago
my father served with the royal air force in ww11. in egypt.his name was alexander bryden from thornhill dumfrishire
by Guest - 5 days ago
Other than the fact that he was a member, not sure where to look. I advised another person on here that was inquiring as well about the O.S.S. to contact the Special Operations Museum or ...
by Brownbomber2 - 6 days ago
Do you have his service number or any of his papers? A friend I served with in the Army had an uncle who passed away and my buddy got his certificate showing completion of training with the ...
by Brownbomber2 - 6 days ago
I looked through the records and his name does not appear in the list of people assigned to the OSS. My answer would be that he did not work for the Office of Strategic Services.
by Brownbomber2 - 6 days ago
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