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What happened to the small arms after a battle? by reddyeddy69
Weapons captured during the Korean War. The answer to the question 'what happened to small arms after battles' is as varied as the armies and battlefields. An efficient fighting force that wins a fight of any size would gather up or destroy all weapons and ammunition in the field. This denied any resupply and re-armament to enemy forces acting as guerrillas, and if needed, the captured ...

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Not sure about it but I know a friend who lied about his age and joined the air force as a pilot when he was 17. He said that at the time the percentage of dead pilots was very high so I ...
by jade - 8 hours ago
I thought that many US soldiers were also given permission to bring captured weapons back to the US, was this true in other countries too?
by Vale - 2 days ago
Your welcome Kachina. Would love to hear from somebody who is a member of the Flying Aces to know about their experience during the war. ;)
by Marra M - 2 days ago
MANY years ago, in one of the gun magazines, I read an article by a former US soldier who had been part of a group who was responsible for disposing of German weapons after WWII. It must ...
by JoninFla - 2 days ago
About 2 weeks ago I posted the question How did you get here and why did you stick around? in the forum. It was posted on almost all of our sites and many users, old and new joined this ...
by jade - 3 days ago
That would be great ! Thanks ! Maureen
by Guest - 3 days ago
I think you'd probably get better answers here: www.gunvaluesboard.com/
by jade - 3 days ago
I know they did take pictures of some outfits and maybe all at one time or another. Do you have more info. like time frame in which he served and if you know where he went through training ...
by kachina - 4 days ago
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