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Hypothetically, what would have happened if Germany had won WWII? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Don't Take My Word For This. WARNING: QUESTION VERY SUBJECTIVE. ALL GUESSWORK. I'M NO HISTORIAN. The world would be a vastly different place if Germany won World War 2. Germany had no chance of victory following ...
The psychological effects of war by imported_Bob
Statistics of US troops during WWII show that 40% of medical discharges during WWII were 'psychological' in nature. These medical discharges were given nice names such as "battle fatigue," "combat fatigue," "shell shock" (although 'shell shock' is ...

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My late father in law was captain Henry Douglas freeland m/n And was presented with a plaque with the battle of the atlantic 50 anniversary , on it , does anyone remember him .
by Guest - 10 hours ago
What was the reason the US proceeded with their island hopping and not go straight to Japan from the Aleutians?
by Ozzie - 19 hours ago
I've deleted this one too and if there will be others this user will be banned.
by jade - 1 day ago
That is what I said Jake:mad: :sleep:
by Andy - 1 day ago
Those are confirmed kills over German aircraft. Pilots on all sides did this, though the Germans marked theirs on the rudders.
by Elkabong - 1 day ago
Does anyone else have any theories? In the movies it always seems like the Nazis are successful at running the world if they win
by Vale - 2 days ago
Olympus Pass, Crete, El Alamen, Tebega Gap, Takrouna, North Africa 1942-43, Orsogna, Cassino 1, The Senio, Italy 1943-45, Mount Olympus, Greece 1941, Maleme, Canea, 42nd Street, Withdrawal ...
by mb1968nz - 2 days ago
get a DD-214 it will say last place stationed and where he joined. you can get the <email>
by lukkiecharm - 3 days ago
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